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Scalp Massager & PURC Hair Oil Bundle

Scalp Massager & PURC Hair Oil Bundle

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Introducing the Scalp Massager & PURC Hair Oil Bundle, the ultimate hair care and regeneration solution. 

With Our 3-in-1 Electric Scalp Massager, Experience Transformative Hair Care

Improve Hair Care: PURC Hair Growth Oil & Electric Scalp Massager

The combination of PURC Oil and Scalp Massager will improve hair care. The oil feeds roots, encouraging fuller hair growth, while the massager increases scalp circulation for optimal oil absorption.

How to Apply:

  • Directly apply two to three drops of PURC Hair Growth Oil to the region where hair is falling out.
  • From the roots to the tips of the scalp, gently massage the oil in with the electric scalp massager.
  • Give the oil several hours or perhaps overnight to seep into the hair and scalp.
  • To see stronger, healthier hair, give your hair a thorough water rinse.

Change Your Haircare Practice

Use the PURC Hair Growth Oil and Electric Scalp Massager to completely change the way you take care of your hair. Embrace healthier, fuller hair and greater self-assurance in the look and liveliness of your hair. 

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